Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What is an Online Services?

Ans: Online Services is the team of the professional and skilled tradesmen, IT technicians, writers, translators, including mason, electrician, mechanics, plumber, painter and AC technicians etc.

Q2: What is ‘Online Services’ and what sort of services you can provide to clients?

Ans: Online Services is the group of services, which offer the services of the plumbers, electricians, mechanics, carpenter, cleaners, wall painters and much more in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. We offer the services of the IT technicians, writers, translators, interpreters, visa, attestation of documents, embassy and many more all over Pakistan. The clients can get the services of our tradesmen and skilled workers for their homes, offices, IT services, and writing work and they will get benefit of having reliable and experienced staff. They can get visa, document attestation, writing services, photographers, voice over services, audio video recording services, and much more through the experienced and talented staff across Pakistan. They have the capability to do new task or the repair work or other services at their home, offices, commercial buildings, companies, organizations and the new constructions.

Q3: Do I sign up or need membership?

Ans: You do not need to become member of our services. You need to make a call to us and we will share the details of the work assign to you.

Q4: Why I use your services?

Ans: It is not easy to find the trained, trustworthy and professional worker, repairer, writers, mechanics, technicians, IT specialists, photographers and tutors in Rawalpindi and Islamabad these days. We offer the services of the trained and most capable coaching staff and tutors for education of your kids and mechanics and electricians or technical staff for your newly constructed home and office and they can also do the repair work of their field. We have number of trained, well-equipped, professional, reliable and skilled workers for technical work. if you have some task with embassy or get write essay, article or dissertation, you feel free to get high quality article, thesis, blog or other writing services. They have the potential to carry out their duties with devotion and up to your satisfaction and they will charge very competitive and affordable rates.

Q5: What should I do if I am not satisfied?

Ans: Your satisfaction about the standard of work is our top priority. You should read our terms and conditions and if you are not satisfy with the work provided by us or you feel that the job was not done up to the required standard, then we will send another repairer to do the required work. You should note that you can claim a free return service if you report the problem within 48 hours after the work done. You should also note that we cannot give the warranty or guarantee of the parts or material as their quality is beyond our control.

Q6: Can I provide material for repair work?

Ans: Of course, you can buy the material of your choice and you need to pay the labor and service charges or fee to us as it is mentioned in ‘Prices’ page. If you ask us to provide the labor or service along with the material, then you need to pay us handling charges of the material along with the prices of the parts or the material.

Q7: Are your prices negotiable?

Ans: Sorry, all of our prices are fixed to carry out the small jobs. We have already offered highly competitive and affordable prices to our clients (click here to see our charges). However, if you have a big project to assign with us, like the works, which are related to construction and structural changes, we consider them to offer the special rates on the contract basis. You can contact with us to discuss on the project further.

Q8: How do I pay cash?

Ans: You can pay our repairer or technician in cash after completing or finishing the job at your home, office or property and you can provide the official invoice.

Q9: How long wait between request for service and arrival of repairers?

Ans: We want to provide your requested service as soon as possible. If there are no extraordinary circumstances or the unavoidable situation, our repairer will arrive at your required place within two hours.

Q10: Can I request your workmen to carry out my other works?

Ans: No, you may not ask our workman. If you have another work, you need to make a call to our helpline to get the assistance for other works.

Q11: What do I need to provide?

Ans: When you make a call to us, you need to give the rough detail of your work. You should provide your name, address, phone number and tell our call center the convenient time so that we send our repairer, staff, teachers and technicians or technical staff to do their relevant task.

Q12: How do I make payments?

Ans: We welcome you for cash and cheque payments.

Q13: How do I get invoice / bill of payment against work done?

Ans: As soon as the work is completed, we will provide you invoice or bill for work.

Q14: What are your timings / working hours?

Ans: We are open 7 days a week from Monday to Sunday and timings are ranging from 09:00 am to 06:00 pm. We provide the work beyond these hours as overtime at extra charges. You can watch the details on the price section.