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Document Procurement Services

The document procurement is the important point of the organizational element in the process of the project. It is added with input and output mechanisms and tools that are used during the process of bidding and submit the project proposals and the types and stages of the work to complete the project. The procurement of documents shows the contractual relationship between the customer and supplier of goods or services. If you want to get the services of the document procurement, then you need to get the experts and professional people to get complete your documents. We have number of professional people, who can support their clients to get completed their document procurement including invitations to tender, solicit tender offers and set up the terms and conditions of the contract. They can guide and help the customers in preparation of their documents and help to finalize the document preparation.

Birth Certificate: Retrieving / issuing / duplicate

The clients will have to provide copy of NIC Card of customer, (duplicate or retrieving), copy of NIC card of mother, copy of NIC Card of father, ‘B’ form, completed birth registration form, complete address of home or hospital where client was born, to proceed with this request. If the clients do not have these documents, then these documents can be prepared after filling out this enquiry form to buy this service.

Birth Registration:

The clients will make available the documents regarding copy of NIC card of parents, complete address of home or hospital, where the client was born, complete ‘B’ form to proceed with case. If they do not have these documents, then they should fill out the enquiry form before buying this service.

Death Certificate:

We need the documents like copy of death register page of the cantonment board or municipality, where death is recorded, copy of CNIC of the deceased person, name of graveyard, where the deceased is buried and grave number, in any, then we can proceed with their request. They need to fill out the enquiry form to purchase this service and we will provide the document on their request.

Character Certificate:

We need NIC card of person and last known address of the person to act on the request of the client to make the character certificate. If they do not have such items then they will fill out our enquiry form to buy this service.

Marriage Certificate

We need copies of CNIC of the client, nikah documents and one copy of CNIC of qazi to follow the request of the clients. They will provide these documents and fill out the enquiry form to buy this service at the reasonable price.

School / College Certificate

If the clients request for the school / college certificate, they will have to provide the documents like name of school, year of graduation, registered name of student at school, school registration number, copy of NIC optional to proceed with this case. If they do not have these documents, then they will fill out the enquiry form to buy this service at the affordable rates.

Residence Certificate

The clients should provide the information regarding name of person, copy of CNIC / NICOP / passport, copy of NIC / NICOP of parents and spouse to proceed with this case. If the candidates do not have such documents, then they should fill out the enquiry form before buying this service, which is provided at the reasonable rates.

Translation Services

The clients need to send the enquiry so that we can check it and after that we will provide the translation services to the clients at the reasonable price.

Documents Attestation

If you want to get attested the documents, then you need to send the enquiry and also fill out the enquiry form to proceed with the case.

National ID Card and NICOP for Overseas Pakistanis

If you want to get your national identity card, then you need to go in person to NADRA office in Pakistan or the local Pakistani consulate. NICOP clients need to complete the enquiry forms and submit with the relevant paperwork.

Pakistan Passport Renewals

Pakistani government issues machine readable passports and the customers need to be present physically so that they can get Pakistani passport request process. It is mandatory to provide NIC Card to proceed with the request.

Land Record

The clients need to provide necessary information and documents so that they can get the required information and land record documents.

Property Title Search

The clients should send the enquiry to us so that we can process the case for the property title search.

Transfer of Land Deeds

If you want to get the transfer of land deeds, you need to send the enquiry after filling out the enquiry forms.


The clients need to get various other documents or services and they need to provide the information and important documents, which can help us to prepare their documents.

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Waris Mazhar
As i apply for a job in France but the embassy demanded to translate my documents in french language,i searched this site from net and contact them. they translate my documents very accurately also their rates are low.
Rawalpindi2018-04-05 12:17:48
Hamza Tariq
i m from England and my Pakistani passport has expired so i wanted to renew it, there is no relative of mine in Pakistan who can do the job so i searched and find out this website, i asked them to renew my passport and sended them the passport and after the renewal they sended my passport back and they didn't charged much, these services are really trustable and helpful.
England (birmingham)2017-12-18 08:45:31
Pervaiz Kayani
i wanted to make a character certificate and its a difficult task and takes time for the reason i avail this service online and asked them to make my character certificate and they did so in low price, the services really amazed me. these services are comfortable.
Islamabad (g-11)2017-11-24 08:45:15
Jabar Malik
i have used this service of document procurement as i have to complete my documents for the birth certification so i used this service and asked them to help me out in getting my document completed. and they provided me with their best service and i was so impressed. these services made our life more easier.
Rawalpindi (saddar)2017-11-22 08:41:28