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Construction and Ceiling Services in Rawalpindi and Islamabad

Construction and Ceiling Services

Are you looking for expert contractor for the construction of the house, plaza, shopping mall or commercial building? We offer our most reliable and best construction management services to the clients in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Our contractors can do any construction job including the services of project design, material purchase, estimation, and the management and supervision of contractors and labors. We ensure our highly competitive and fair price and quality control over construction work. We construct the house, office, commercial plaza, business area, buildings and also remodel the property. We are ready to provide the services at the competitive and most affordable rates. We also offer the repair and maintenance service including electrical, plumbing, painting and HVAC works.

Turnkey Solutions

  • Design: The works like architecture, layouts, basic exteriors & interiors, elevations, structure and maps of electrical / plumbing / HVAC systems are done by qualified architects, who are available on our panel.
  • Design Approval & Permit: We provide design / layout, which is approved by Structural Engineer and you will also get it approved by relevant govt. authority of your area like CDA, DHA, etc.
  • Estimation: It is provided with accurate measurements, costs of labor and bill of materials and you do not need to overspend or fall short of manpower or supplies.
  • Material Purchasing: The material is purchased at discounted rates through our supplier network.
  • Transportation: We manage provision of labor, construction equipment and all materials including bricks, fixtures, gravel, sand, and steel.
  • Contractor, Sub-Contractor, & Labor Management: We provide and supervise all staff and workers, arrange substitutes and also handle the time management of the staff and labor.
  • Supervision & Quality Control: We supervise, check the construction site and ensure that we do not compromise on the quality and time of delivery of project.
  • Progress Updates: We provide routine updates to clients and the site pictures are also shared with them to keep them informed about progress on construction work.

House Sizes in Square Feet (Approx. Covered Area)

Size Single Storey Double Storey DS with Basement
5 Marla House 1125 Square Feet 2250 Square Feet -
10 Marla House 1800 Square Feet 3200 Square Feet 4100 Square Feet
1 Kanal House 4000 Square Feet 5500 Square Feet 6800 Square Feet

Construction Rates in Islamabad & Rawalpindi

Services Details Rates in PKR
1. Grey Structure Rates - Barebones structure without fittings or fixtures
Grey Structure Only (with foundations, iron grills, gate, ramps, plaster, roof, sewerage, water tanks, and walls) Rs. 1,200 per square foot
2. Complete Construction Solution - Fully ready to shift in house with keys
Good Construction B Quality House (with good local fittings) Rs. 2,400 per square foot (add Rs. 200 if with basement)
Very Good Construction A Quality House (with excellent quality local and imported fittings) Rs. 2,800 per square foot (add Rs. 200 if with basement)
Excellent Construction A+ House (with high quality imported fittings including designer bathrooms kitchens) Rs. 3,600 per square foot (add Rs. 200 if with basement)

Why Choose Online Services Construction Management?

Our Construction Management
Our Competitors
Professional (we have professional and experienced team) Unprofessional (usually un-registered contractors working as freelancers)
Delivery on Time (we make sure your project is delivered on time without any delay) Delays (fail to deliver on time and always have an excuse)
Cost Control (You don't spend extra and only purchase the materials required) Expensive (usually unable to be in budget and waste material)
Quality Control (Ensure the contractors use the best material and there is no compromise on quality) No Quality Control (Lack of quality checks and to make large profits compromise the material quality)
Always Available (Always available for your queries & concerns over email phone) Hard to Reach (Mostly unreachable especially when falling behind schedule)
Best Home Construction Comparison
Architecture (Design approved by a qualified structural engineer and includes details (e.g. elevations, basic exteriors & interiors, structure, layouts, and the maps of electrical, plumbing, HVAC systems etc) Not Provided
Approvals & Permits (Ensure your design & map receives approval from your Local Development Authority or Housing Society before starting building of your dream home) Not Provided
Construction Progress Updates (Provide regular site updates with pictures over email and SMS) Mostly Not Provided (Client has to visit themselves to see progress)
Boundary Wall (Include boundary walls in our prices) Mostly Not Provided (Client pays separately for the boundary walls and driveways)
Cooking Range, Gas Geysers, & Other Essentials* (as to be agreed in contract) Mostly Not Provided
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Nazir Ahmed Awa
I constructed a wide and spacious wedding hall for the commercial purpose and I wanted to make wonderful and artful ceiling to give awesome look. I hired the services of the workers of this site to give the beautiful outlook. The construction and ceiling services of their workers gave me contentment and up to y satisfaction. I recommend their ceiling wok with their creative design to make the building and interior side of the homes, offices or commercial building.
F-8/1, Islamabad2017-12-18 11:57:16
Abdul Ehsaan
the right side wall of our house has weakened, so we decided to renew it, as the constructor rates are too damn high, and they are out of budget, then i discussed it with my friend and he told me about this website and their low rates then i called the constructor and they did the work quite fastly and their work was really neat and the rates were also low.
Islamabad (g-11)2017-12-16 09:06:46
Murad Ali
i wanted to do ceiling in my office so i called the constructors through this website and they did the ceiling and they did their work very nicely and i m impressed by their work and the services are really good.
Islamabad (westridge)2017-11-23 09:31:15
Noman Ali
I wanted to construct a store at the top of my house and the rates of the constructors are so damn high then i used this website and called them to my house and told them that i want to construct a store and constructed the store the same way as i told them the rates are also affordable the service is good and trust able.
Islamabad2017-11-21 09:14:20

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